Calumet Baptist Church
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Experience the Vision
Children in Action is a kid-friendly approach to missions for children in grades 1 - 6. This great missions discipleship program from the Woman's Missionary Union allows children to learn about, pray for, and participate in missions. It is also a great place for fun and fellowship with other children.
By creating an environment of active learning, Children in Action helps children learn the biblical basis for mission work. Children are encouraged to engage in mission work within the church and the community. Children also learn about real missionaries around the world, exposing them to different cultures and the fundamental Christian belief in the universal language of God's love that can cross borders and be shared around the world.
Children in Action meets every Wednesday night at 7 PM at the church. Please enter through the rear entrance facing the parking lot (accessible by ramp and stairs). Once you enter the building, there will be someone at the first window to help direct you to the Children in Action room. You do not have to be a church member to attend this program.
Please feel free to contact the church if you would like more information about the program. You can also see more about the Children in Action program by visiting the WMU website information page. The leaders of Children in Action are Dana Roberson and John Gravely.
  Dana Roberson and John Gravely
Children in Action