Calumet Baptist Church
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Experience the Vision
The Woman's Missionary Union (WMU) was founded in 1888 and is an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is the world's largest Protestant women's missionary organization. WMU is devoted to promoting a missionary lifestyle by allowing every member of the church to become active in missions and learn about the mission field around the world.
The WMU of Calumet Baptist Church is devoted to praying for missions, learning about missions, giving to missions, and doing missions. There is also a children's program through the WMU available at Calumet Baptist on Wednesday nights called Children in Action.
The ladies of the Calumet Baptist chapter of the Woman's Missionary Union meet the second Tuesday of every month in the Dorcas classroom in the main church at 7 PM. Enter through the rear entrance that faces the parking lot (accessible by ramp and stairs). Once you enter, the Dorcas classroom is the first classroom on the right.
The director of the WMU at Calumet Baptist is Susan Bowen. The assistant director is Jenny Patterson.The Churchwide Missions Coordinator is Elwanda Nalley.
Jenny Patterson, Assistant Director WMU, and Susan Bowen, Director WMU
 Elwanda Nalley, Churchwide Missions Coordinator
If you would like more information on the WMU, please feel free to contact the church or to visit the WMU website.