Calumet Baptist Church
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Experience the Vision
In this world that is driven by technology, Calumet Baptist is dedicated to using the power of social media to share God's Word and the opportunities to worship the Lord available through Calumet with the world. When Jesus gave the great commission in Matthew 28:18-20, He commanded that the disciples go out into all nations to share the Good News of eternal salvation through Christ. How amazing is it that we can do that now with the click of a few keys?
In March of 2016, the International Association for the Chiefs of Police blog shared an article regarding a single post on Facebook that reached 3.7 million people in two weeks' time. Los Angeles, California, is the 37th largest city in the world, and its population is the same as the number of people reached by that post. That means that in two weeks time every single person living in LA could have been reached by that message.  What an amazing opportunity that could be to share the God's Word and help others find Jesus!
So, how can you help?
First, you can like the Calumet Baptist Facebook page HERE.
Then stop by as often as you can to like, comment on, and share our posts on Facebook. If you're on Twitter, be sure to favorite posts and retweet them to your social media followers. The more you interact with our account on Facebook, the more the posts will appear in people's news feeds and the more opportunity others will have to get involved with God's church (after all, it's His church, not ours).
Still want to do more? Well, we're fine with that!
Provided below are images that you can use as your cover image and profile pictures. When you use these, every person you are connected with will be able to see them, and hopefully it will spark some interest in the Lord and our church. To use them, right-click on the images and save them to your computer. Then upload them as you would any other image. They are already sized, so it should be that easy.
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